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Case Studies

Maggie Wells - Closes 40 deals a year and launched a VA business..

Robin Gephardt - $400,000 a year in commission, launched an 8 week boot camp, now sells a 5 week bootcamp for $600

Rebecca & Brian - Real Estate Team that closes 100 deals a year, a property management role, $2.5 million in Gross Revenue, hosted an event with over 200 attendees, and has 80+ people in their downline.

Karen Cooper - Closed 262 transactions last year. Launched Empowering Women in real estate with 37,000 members, a marketing group, an inner circle paid mentorship, and has 100+ in her REAL network.

Alex Bracke - From $200k working 100 hours a week to $500k working 35 hours a week.

Ben Garner - Produces $100m/ year in volume. Created a clear roadmap on Agent Attraction and is working on finalizing a merger with 250 agents into Real Brokerage.

Lewis Weaver - From $200k working 100 hours a week to $500k working 35 hours a week.

Laurie Read - Kept her income of $500k with half the amount of time and living life at a happier level.

Amy Dobbs - Doubled her income from $50,000 to $100,000 in 6 months.

Ali & Sean Everett - Was able to sale a business and grow two new business's with more clarity and less stress

Dan Mac - 4x'd His Business Since Joining the Mastermind

Logan Stewart - $600k GCI

Teresa Pastor - $125k to $350k in 12 Months

Kaila Lindsey - From $135k to $800k in 36 Months

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The 5 Pillars Of The WGR Sales System


Pillar 1: Life Management

Time management is a thing of the past. In order to reach your goals in your life and your business, you must first learn to manage your life. Creating goals, setting up your schedule, and creating routines that will drive you to your finish line.


Pillar 2: Setting 5 Appointments/Week

A successful Real Estate Business is based on appointments. If you can't consistently set appointments, then you don't have a business.


Pillar 3: Presentation Mastery

You have the appointment... No what? Presentation Mastery will teach you how to get those appointments closed and the contract signed.


Pillar 4: Compounding Relationships

Long term success in this business is about creating and nurturing relationships. Our follow up system will allow you to be top of mind when it's time for them to buy or sell their house.


Pillar 5: Skillset Mastery

Learn the Scripts, Master the art of converting phone calls to appointments.

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